Bovines Colostrum for pets and farm animals

The high­quality colostrum­replacement or supplement

Our high-quality bovine colostrum powder is a 100% natural product and ideally suited to support the natural development of pets and farm animals. Bovine colostrum powder can be used as a colostrum substitute or as a single feed in the additive area to ensure an optimal supply of the animals with, among other things, vital immunoglobulins and to support well-being.

The nut­rients of bovine colos­trum

  • Naturally highly concentrated antibodies
  • Antimicrobial factors
  • Natural growth factors
  • Important vitamins and minerals
  • Essential fatty and amino acids
Further information on the composition:
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Our distribution­partner

The sales of bovine colostrum powder in the pet and farm animal sector is performed through the company:
Biochem is one of the leading companies in the field of selection, production and sales of high-quality additives for animal health and nutrition at home and abroad.

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