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who we are: expert in human nature and nature lover

The ISR consists of an interdisciplinary team of scientists, farmers and process technologists with over 30 years of experience in the development and production of innovative food supplements and food additives for a wide range of industries. Our high level of understanding of the natural processes in the human body and important influencing factors enable us to develop natural products in a targeted manner to support well-being and improve performance.

What we do: Premium Colostrum­pulver

We specialize in the production of the highest quality colostrum powder for main use in the human field. We use a extraordinary valuable raw material: bovine colostrum. We obtain this unique natural product, containing antibodies, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and many important growth factors exclusively through firm partnerships from Europe’s best and approved dairy farms.
Using the most modern production methods, we transform natural, liquid colostrum gently and unadulterated into a finely powdered and particularly readily soluble form. So the colostrum can be used for several areas.

What is good for: nutrition, sport, fitness, skin care

As unique as bovine colostrum is in its composition, there are so many possible uses in the human field:

Colostrum powder for the production of functional food and novel food in the food industry

Colostrum powder as a food supplement for professional and amateur sports as well as in the general fitness area

Colostrum powder as a rich active ingredient complex in ointments and creams for sustainable and natural skin care

In addition, our colostrum powder is of course also ideal for use in pets and farm animals.

Why we do it: Support the quality of life

We are convinced that bovine colostrum is one of the most valuable creations of mother nature and can support our quality of life and our well-being. We want to make this unique product accessible to people and usable in a variety of ways for a healthy, active life.

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