Specially developed processes for the highest quality colostrum powder

The ingredients: experience, know-how and a first-class raw material

The starting point for the production of our high-quality colostrum powder is of course the raw material: bovine Colostrum. We source the coveted first milk exclusively from selected and contracted dairy farms from all over Europe. In order to guarantee consistently excellent quality, both the raw material and our contractual partners are subject to strict controls. Of course, we only use excess colostrum, which is no longer needed by the calf – that is what makes the bovine colostrum so rare and valuable.

The decisive difference: Specially developed processes for gentle pasteurization and spray drying

The frozen bovine colostrum is gently thawed in the first step, then pasteurized particularly gently via our own process and degreased if necessary. Depending on the customer’s requirements, a corresponding finishing process is carried out for the production of individual product qualities. To convert the liquid colostrum into a soluble powder, we have further developed and perfected the well-known process of spray drying for our purposes. The basic advantage of our gentle spray drying process lies in the preservation of the valuable bioactive substances of the bovine colostrum.

Most Valuable bovines Colostrum
Conventional milk powder is also produced by spray drying, but using high temperatures. As a result, product properties are demonstrably negatively affected and valuable ingredients of the liquid raw material are destroyed.

Quality features of our Premium Colostrum Powder

  • Guaranteed quality colostrum from approved contract partners
  • Use excess colostrum
  • Exclusive use of liquid colostrum for the first 24 hours
  • Quality of the colostrum powder according to customer requirements
  • Specially developed process for gentle pasteurization
  • Specially developed process for gentle spray drying
  • Preservation of the valuable ingredients in the production process

Colostrum-Storage and availability

Every batch or customer-specific quality mix of the colostrum powder is documented, packed and safely stored by us in our modern high-rack warehouse. For the transport of the valuable colostrum powder, we use both our own fleet and renowned logistics partners and guarantee our customers delivery on time – worldwide.

Innovation · Safety · Reliability

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