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Colostrum meets consumer needs

The food market is on the move. For a long time now, our society has no longer been concerned with meeting a basic need, but with a diet that is adapted to our individual lifestyle and attitude. Whether vegetarian, vegan, organic, regional, seasonal, exotic, exclusive, weight- or fitness-oriented – the market serves all customer wishes. In this respect, the consumer is also extremely receptive to novel, extraordinary alternatives.

Functional Food and Novel Food in particular have been extremely trendy in this context for years and offer food manufacturers an attractive opportunity to score points with innovative products in the fierce competition for consumer favour. Bovine Colostrum serves these trends 100%. As a pure natural product and superfood, it is also ideally suited to optimally meet the increased need of our society for a balanced, conscious diet.

What uses does Colostrum offer?

Since bovine colostrum is a natural dairy product, it is naturally obvious to use it in the dairy and milk processing industry. As a valuable addition to milk drinks, yoghurt products, butter and all types of cheese products, the Colostrum can supplement almost any product nutritionally. From the consumer’s point of view, this results in real value. However, colostrum can also be a special component in all other sectors of the food industry in order to sustainably enhance food, such as beverage powder, cerealbars, breakfast cereals, snacks and meat products, etc.


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