Bovines Colostrum Building Blocks of Life

Milk is not equal to milk

There are many names for the colostrum (first milk, pre-milk, colossal milk, beast milk in cattle) and an even greater number of unique properties. Colostrum is a natural, high-dose nutrient complex that is formed by female mammals – including humans – immediately after pregnancy and helps newborns to train and strengthen the immune system. The colostrum is indispensable for healthy, natural development and therefore not comparable to conventional breast milk.

The royal­class: the bovine Colostrum

Calves need an optimal supply of nutrients immediately after birth, as they are not yet fully developed at this time. Especially in calves this phenomenon is particularly pronounced, because unlike many other mammals the acquired immune system of the mother is missing. This is only recorded and built up together with the Colostrum. The required “building blocks of life” are contained in the bovine colostrum to an optimal extent and particularly highly concentrated, such as antibodies, antimicrobial factors, natural growth factors, as well as important vitamins and minerals. Due to the contained casein, all these nutrients can be optimally absorbed by the calf.

The nutri­ents of bovinem Colos­trum

  • Naturally highly concentrated antibodies
  • Antimicrobial factors
  • Natural growth factors
  • Important vitamins and minerals
  • Essential fatty and amino acids

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