The power of nature for care, protection and beauty

Support naturally – of course nurturing

As the largest body organ, our skin is exposed to the highest stresses every day. Nicotine, alcohol, stress, improper nutrition, UV radiation – the list of factors that lead to the increased formation of free radicals and have a direct influence on the function and appearance of our skin is long. We have only one skin and not all “bad” habits can be easily removed; it is therefore important to support our natural protective barrier with a consistent care routine.

Bovine Colostrum has a proven unique, highly potent spectrum of effects and can therefore be an additional means to actively support skin care and regeneration – from the inside and from the outside. Due to its natural origin and composition, Colostrum can be easily used for any skin type. Especially when dealing with extremely dry, highly sensitive skin (neurodermitis, psoriasis), the natural product is excellently suited for daily basic care or as a supportive measure, e.g. in the form of ointments, creams or even tablets.

The natural beauty-revolution

In the field of cosmetics, sustainable care and beauty are closely linked. The aspect of hope for lasting beauty plays a highly emotional role here and does not only concern the female clientele. Men, too, have developed a pronounced cosmetic awareness. The use of natural ingredients and the increasing absence of conventional additives are the focus of consumers and manufacturers alike and are reflected, for example, in the strong growth of natural and organic cosmetics. It’s about natural beauty.

Bovines Colostrum is 100% natural, 100% natural, 100% natural care. A real beauty revolution that optimally serves our need for natural beauty and care. In the form of our finely soluble premium colostrum powder, we create the ideal prerequisite to make this natural source of essential substances of the cosmetics industry accessible for a wide range of uses.

We can’t get out of our skin. But bovine colostrum can naturally help us to feel better and maybe a little more beautiful in it.


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